On April 12 was Liquorice Day 2015 and liquorice lovers across Europe celebrate this day with events. Here you’ll find an overview sorted by country and zip code.

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Events in Austria

1060 Vienna, Austria

In Austrias capital Vienna fin & fin celebrates liquoriceday, too. Each online order made on April 12 will be completed with a very special liquoriceday liquorce.

fin & fin
Garbergasse 3/12-13, 1060 Vienna
+43 676 / 92 67 900, www.fin-fin.at

1210 Vienna, Austria

From April 10 to April 12 Fröken Lakrits celebrates liquorice day adding a box of Läkerol salty liquorice for free to each online order.

Fröken Lakrits
Prießnitzgasse 8/10, 1210 Vienna
+43 676 / 4126675, www.frokenlakrits.at

Events in Germany

Please visit the website of German Liquorice Day.

Events in Italy

20144 Milano, Italy

In cooperaton with Eataly and Brian & Barry in Milano Amarelli offers a liquorice tasting on April 12.

Brian & Barry
Via Durini 28, 20122 Milano, Italy
+39 (0)2 / 8646 3562, brianebarry.it

87067 Rossano, Italy

At Amarelli’s liquorice shop in south Italy every customer will get a very special liquoriceday gift on April 12.

Amarelli – Liquorice Shop
Contrada Amarelli – SS 106, 87067 Rossano, Italy
+39 983 / 511219, www.amarelli.it

Events in Switzerland

Please visit the website of Swiss Liquorice Day.

Events in USA

68508 Lincoln, USA

The two licorice ladies from Nebraska are celebrating two days this year (Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11).
You may expect music, a clown who twists balloons into interesting shapes, refreshments, a candy-counting contest and lots of free samples.

Licorice International
803 Q Street, Suite 300 Lincoln, NE 68508
1-800-Licorice (542-6742), www.licoriceinternational.com