On April 12, 2016 was Liquorice Day and liquorice lovers across Europe celebrated this day with events. Here you’ll find an overview sorted by country and zip code.

Events in Austria

1060 Vienna, Austria

In Austrias capital Vienna fin & fin celebrates liquoriceday, too. Already the second time! Each online order made on April 12 will be completed with a very special liquoriceday liquorce.

fin & fin
Garbergasse 3/12-13, 1060 Vienna
+43 676 / 92 67 900, www.fin-fin.at

1090 Vienna, Austria

At the “Süßes Eck” in Vienna you can try each of more than 80 different liquorice and even sweet root. And you will get 20% off on a very special liquorice pail (600g).

And they will offer the tasting of a liquorice soda pop made according to a recipe from the 19th century!

Confiseri zum süßen Eck
Währinger Straße 65, 1090 Vienna
+43 1 402 79 74 , www.suesseseck.at

1090 Vienna, Austria

In cooperation with Fröken Lakrits and ÖSG (Österreichisch-Schwedische Gesellschaft) you can join a movie night at April 13th from 08:00pm. See the swedish movie “En man som heter Ove” and enjoy the very special Liquoriceday liquorice. For booking details see here.

Währinger Straße 12, 1090 Vienna
+43 676 / 4126675, www.frokenlakrits.at

D – 25853 Bohmstedt

The german Online-Shop Lakritz-Spezialitäten.de has a very special liquorice offer for Austria. If your online order from 12th or 13th of April 2016 is more than 10 Euro you will get a liquorice surprise for free. You’ll need the code “lakritztag4”. (only once per household)

Sandbarg , D – 25853 Bohmstedt
+ 49 163 / 8048906, lakritz-spezialitaeten.de

Events in Germany

Please visit the website of German Liquorice Day.

Events in Italy

80121 Napoli, Italy

At Amarelli’s show room in Napoli every customer will get 15% off on April 12.

Show Room
Piazza Vittoria 6 (int. cortile), 80121 Napoliy, Italy
+39 081 / 764 2596, www.amarellishop.it

87067 Rossano, Italy

At Amarelli’s liquorice shop in south Italy every customer (online, too) will get 15% off on April 12.

Amarelli – Liquorice Shop
SS 106 Contrada Amarelli, 87067 Rossano (CS), Italy
+39 983 / 511219, www.amarellishop.it

Events in Luxembourg

1660 Luxemburg

Welcome Lakri-Lux, the first participant in Luxembourg. All customers get their liquorice with a 10% discount. You also can try The Drinking Ape Liquorice Sodapop.

Lakri-Lux (BÄRLU S.á r.L.)
36-38 Grand Rue (Cenrte Brasseur) L-, 1660 Luxemburg
00352-26202993, www.lakri-lux.eu

Events in Spain

Please visit the website of Spanish Liquorice Day.

Events in Switzerland

Please visit the website of Swiss Liquorice Day.

Events in USA

68508 Lincoln, USA

You may expect many exciting activities there.

Licorice International
803 Q Street, Suite 300 Lincoln, NE 68508
1-800-Licorice (542-6742), www.licoriceinternational.com

Interested in being a Liquorice Day host?

Missing the liquorice day in your country and you want to change this? Contact us and become a host with own liquorice day website in your county!