We would like to thank our partners for assistance in the implementation of the Liquorice Day. Thank you very much!

Technology partner

it's a hoomygumbHoo.media

We owe Jay and his agency for digital communication the entire network of liquorice day websites, content management and social media components. In his lifestyle blog “it’s a hoomygumb” he writes about traveling, events, food, whisky, gadgets, social web and more. He lifes social media in his real life and as an avowed fan of good liquorice he is always a welcome guest author on the Liquorice Planet.

it’s a hoomygumb / Hoo.media / Jay F Kay
jayfkay.me, hoo.media, hoomygumb.com

Communication partner


Für professionelle Pressetexte und Textbausteine ist Ulrike von lehmann. lösungsfindung mit system zuständig. Ihr verdanken wir auch das Interview mit dem Initiator des deutschen Lakritztag. Auf ihrer Website finden Interessierte unter anderem eine Broschüre über ihre Dienstleistungen im Bereich Moderation, Kreativtechniken und Ideenmanagement.

lehmann. solution determination with system. / Ulrike Lehmann
Klippeneckstr. 4, 78628 Rottweil, Germany
+49 162 / 1310887, www.loesungen.cc

Media partner

Sebastian Roming

Sebastian has designed the Liquorice Day logo. He’s a software engineer,  Android junkie, leader of Google Developer Group (GDG) Black Forest and a Samsung Mob!lers. His heart beats for open source.

the annoying life of a coding monkey / Sebastian Roming



Christian, the “total and absolute ruler” of the Lakritzplanet is responsible as the initiator for the emergence of the german Liquorice Day. If he is not acting as the host for the Lakritztag, he writes a blog about lqucorice, liquorice and liquorice.

Lakritzplanet.de / Christian Kaufmann